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AutoCAD (Autocad) is a program for 2D and 3D design and release of documentation, buying which you can create impressive projects, speed up the release of working documentation and detailing with productivity tools, organize collaboration, communicate and establish workflows using integrated local, cloud and mobile solutions.
The AutoCAD license includes specialized tools and applications:
AutoCAD 2020 (WIN/MAC)
AutoCAD Electrical (WINDOWS 2010)
AutoCAD Map 3D (WIN)
AutoCAD Mechanical (WINDOWS x32)
AutoCAD Plant 3D (WINDOWS7)
AutoCAD Raster Design (WINDOWS10)
AutoCAD mobile app
AutoCAD web application

A multi-user subscription supports the use of Autodesk products up to the maximum number of users or locations connected to the server network. Products can be installed on as many computers as you want. However, you can only use the software at the same time based on the number of seats purchased. For example, if you have 6 subscription places and 8 users, all users have access, but only 6 can use the product at the same time. Because you can install products on more systems than the number of subscription locations purchased, you get real floating licenses throughout your organization. Features Of AutoCAD (Autocad)
Advanced features for working with 2D documentation in AutoCAD
AutoCAD is delivered as a subscription (temporary license) for 1, 2, or 3 years. Perpetual licenses for AutoCAD software products were removed from deliveries by the manufacturer. If you have previously purchased perpetual autocad licenses, you will still have the right to use The program indefinitely. If you purchased a perpetual AutoCAD license with a subscription to Maintenance updates, you can renew your subscription by receiving updates and using all the relevant resources for an unlimited period of time. Benefits of an Autodesk subscription (temporary license) : Ability to install and use the software on multiple devices;
Getting new versions and add-ons to products for free;
Right to use previous versions (3 previous versions);
Rights to use abroad;
Technical support;
Access to the same cloud services as when using perpetual licenses with a subscription.
There are two types of AutoCAD licenses: standalone or local (Single-User) and network.
Stand-alone licenses (included in single-User subscriptions).

Single-user access is a good choice for organizations that require one or more standalone licenses. These licenses are assigned to individual users and cannot be shared. Customers must have an Internet connection every 30 days to verify their Autodesk ID. These subscriptions cost less than subscriptions with multi-user access.
Multi-user access is a good choice for companies with multiple teams that need access to the same software that is deployed through network licenses. Network licenses are not assigned to individual users and can be shared. Network licenses do not require an Internet connection to activate or use.
You can log in to your Autodesk account from anywhere and download and install the software assigned to you from any device. For example, you can use your Autodesk product on your work computer, as well as on your personal computer at home.
Network licenses Network licenses (included in subscription with multi-user access Multi-User)
Create 2D drawings and documentation with an extensive set of drawing, editing, and annotation tools.